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Vivup is a UK leading employee benefits provider specialising in health and wellbeing, with the added value of an in-house market leading Employee Assistance Provision (EAP)

Vivup take a fresh approach to employee benefits by helping clients create a culture of physical, financial and mental health wellbeing in the workplace. Achieving this will help to increase productivity levels, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, attract and retain talent and create a more positive atmosphere at work – all of which saves you money.

With Vivup, employers can provide support through schemes that give your employees the means and encouragement to take care of themselves. Vivup provide you with health and wellbeing solutions in-house and with our specialist partners.

Why Vivup?

Vivup encourages staff to stay physically fit and healthy, save money, become more financially stable, and learn how to cope with stress, anxiety and other mental health related issues.

Our ambition is to make it easy for companies to share your total employee offer, being committed to helping your employees become happier, more successful and rounded individuals in everything that they do.

We offer the first fully customisable platform where all your benefits, policies, local initiatives and your staff handbook can be accessed by your staff in one place at home or work. With the added value of an in-house market leading Employee Assistance Provision (EAP), Vivup provide a full range of employee benefits including reward and recognition plus training tailored to support your organisation’s health and wellbeing agenda.

Whatever challenges you face with your workforce we can create a solution for you.

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