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Taking good care of your staff

Vivup is a wellness programme and is the first platform that provides a complete set of employee benefits and health and wellbeing initiatives.

Because a happy, healthy workforce makes good business sense.

Our ambition is to make it easy for employers to take a different approach to employee benefits with a comprehensive health and wellbeing strategy that’s provided free of charge. Taking good care of your workforce isn’t just about offering individual benefits anymore, it’s about taking a completely different view and trying to understand and meet their complex needs.

Vivup provides employers with a support network to help staff become more grounded and less stressed individuals, at work and at home. Achieving this balance will increase productivity and create a more positive atmosphere at work that people aspire to be part of.

Vivup is a SME HCI Ltd brand. Founded in 2005, SME HCI Ltd is an employee benefits specialist with the directors having over 20 years of combined experience in the NHS market.

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