Employee Assistance Provision

Most of us feel sad, worried or stressed at some points in our lives and in response to events and experiences such as difficult life situations, physical illness, and problems at work or in relationships.

Sometimes these feelings will go away when the difficult situation changes, but these feelings may persist and get worse. They start to change the way we act and think and can affect our enjoyment of life.

But feeling that way doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way and there is a lot that we can do to feel better. The Vivup Employee Assistance Provision (EAP) is here to help with a range of information, practical support, a 24/7 telephone helpline and (where applicable) face to face sessions.

The Vivup EAP specialises in supporting employees within the workplace, understanding the pressures and challenges within the NHS and are here to support you to explore and manage any difficulties.

With a team of employee support specialists and clinical staff, led by experienced clinicians with over 45 years of experience in NHS and EAP employee support, you can be assured that they understand the day to day challenges you face both within the workplace and outside of such.

Log in to Vivup to gain access to 24/7 support material.
Access to EAP is confidential, your employer will not know you have been accessing this material or that you have called your support line