Workplace Nurseries

Our Workplace Nurseries scheme can help solve your childcare challenges.

Workplace nurseries provide you with high quality, affordable and dependable childcare that is conveniently located at or near your workplace. Providing access to a workplace nursery gives you peace of mind that your little ones are only moments away, helping you stay more engaged and productive at work.

You can save up to 30%* on the cost of your workplace nursery. Plus, if you contribute to the NHS Pension Scheme you can save up to 40%*.

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*Savings of up to 40% are achieved through a salary sacrifice arrangement for a higher rate tax payer where Income Tax, National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions are reduced. Savings of up to 30% realised for employees not contributing into the NHS Pension Scheme. All savings depend on individual tax and NHS Pension Scheme situations. Figures are a guide only.

Dependable childcare that saves money.

If a workplace nursery qualifies under HMRC’s Workplace Nursery Exemption, the cost of a place can also be completely exempt from tax and National Insurance contributions – providing you with savings.

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