Gym Membership

Give your staff the chance to enjoy discounted gym membership at over 3,000 participating clubs with our Gym Membership scheme.

Gym Membership not only encourages physical activity, it helps save money for you and your employees. Your staff can make significant savings on the cost of gym membership for themselves and their partners at over 3,000 gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and yoga studios nationwide.

If your employees pay into the NHS Pension Scheme, you can save up to 14%* in reduced NHS Pension Scheme contributions for those staff members.

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*Savings of up to 20% realised for employees paying into the NHS Pension Scheme. Savings of up to 20% are achieved through a salary sacrifice arrangement for a basic rate tax payer where National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions are reduced. Savings of up to 12% realised for employees not contributing into the NHS Pension Scheme. All savings depend on individual tax and NHS Pension Scheme situations. Figures are a guide only.

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How the scheme works.

Your employees order their gym membership and pay monthly through their salary for an agreed length of time.

Reductions are made to their gross salary, so staff can make savings on National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions, where applicable.

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