Holiday Scheme

Give your staff the chance to enjoy savings off holidays with TUI through our Holiday Scheme.

It’s no secret that getting away from it all, even for a couple of days, can do wonders for your employee’s mental and physical health. Our Holiday Scheme not only allows them to get away and re-charge but also saves money for you and your staff.

If your employees pay into the NHS Pension Scheme, you can save up to 14.3% in reduced NHS Pension Scheme contributions for those staff members, and an additional 0.5% for the Apprentice Levy*.

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*only applicable to employers with a payroll over £3m.

Easy employee steps to their holiday


Find a holiday at

Go to to find the holiday you would like.


Create order on Vivup

Return to Vivup and enter your holiday details, including dates, location, hotel, number of people and cost.


Employer approval

Your employer will review your order once submitted. Upon authorisation the order will be processed.


Book the holiday

Receive your confirmation and book your holiday.

How the scheme works

Your employees order a holiday and have monthly reductions through their salary for an agreed length of time.

Reductions are made to their gross salary, so staff can make savings on National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions, where applicable.

Available to Vivup members

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