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Give your staff the chance to spread the cost of holidays through our Travel and Leisure Scheme.

It’s no secret that getting away from it all, even for a couple of days, can do wonders for your employee’s mental and physical health. Figures show that after two weeks of holiday employee performance can improve by 60% combining this with the fact that absenteeism drops by a third after a holiday there are great reasons to offer this great benefit to your employees.†

The Travel and Leisure Scheme allows them to get away and re-charge in a more affordable way. Our provider Travel Accounts offers a wide range of partners such as STA Travel, Eurostar, Expedia, Sundowner, Hoseasons, Trafalgar, and many more. Providing not only holidays but experiences such as Music Festivals, Volunteering, Activity Holidays and Theatre Tickets to name just a few.

If your employees pay into the NHS Pension Scheme, you can save up to 14.3% in reduced NHS Pension Scheme contributions for those staff members, and an additional 0.5% for the Apprentice Levy.*

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Easy steps to a holiday/experience


Create order on Vivup

Employees browse the travel accounts website to see the range of partners and types of holidays and experiences offered.

Your employees enter the details and value of the holiday/experience that they would like into the order form with a maximum limit set by you the employer, then complete and submit the order.


Employer approval

Upon authorisation orders are processed. Your employees receive an email confirming their holiday/experience with a unique reference number.


Book your holiday

Your employees then call the Travel Accounts team quoting the reference number and book their holiday or experience.

How the scheme works

Through the Travel and Leisure Scheme the employer provides a holiday/experience through Travel Accounts to eligible employees in return for a reduction in salary (salary sacrifice) over a 12 month period. This way employees spread the cost and savings can be made on National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions (if a member of the NHS Pension Scheme) on the value of the holiday/experience.


*Only applicable to employers with a payroll over £3m where the full Apprentice Levy fund is not used.

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