Workplace Nursery

Help your staff save money through our Workplace Nursery scheme and you save too!

Encouraging employees to sign-up to the Workplace Nursery scheme when using your workplace nursery can save money for you and your staff.

For each employee that signs up to the Workplace Nursery scheme, you can save up to 13.8% in reduced employer’s National Insurance contributions or up to 28.1% in reduced employer’s National Insurance and NHS Pension Scheme contributions for those staff paying into the NHS Pension Scheme.

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Dependable childcare that saves money.

If your organisation’s workplace nursery qualifies under HMRC’s Workplace Nursery Exemption, the cost of a place can be completely exempt from Income Tax and National Insurance contributions – providing savings for you and your employees.

By utilising the Vivup portal to run a Workplace Nursery scheme, make it easy for staff to participate and reduce the administrative burden on your side.

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