A new and FREE way to communicate with your staff

A new and FREE way to communicate with your staff

05 March 2018

A new FREE way to communicate with your staff at any time.


Getting organisational messages through to staff is always a challenge.  Some don’t have access to work computers and work email, some work out of office hours and others may be at home at a time you have to reach them.  


Help is at hand. 


Vivup has launched a new messaging service available through the Vivup platform direct to the personal email accounts of your staff.  And it’s FREE!


You can now message all staff who are registered on the Vivup portal.  A key advantage is the majority of registered staff use their personal email and phones, so you will be able to reach them on their personal devices.  At the moment you can email your message.  Very soon you will also be able to text and send messages using the Vivup app.  It’s an immediate and powerful way to get their attention.


It’s fast and easy to send your messages.  Just go to your portal, select ‘Messages’, type in your message and send!  Your communication is out there instantly. Monitoring and reporting is also available to track the effectiveness of your sent messages.


Vivup are always looking at innovative ways to improve the wellbeing of your staff.  Good communication is another way to keep your workforce happy, healthy and engaged.  If you would like to find out more about the free Vivup messaging service, please contact your account manager on 01252 784548 or email [email protected]




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