Get Support From Your Employer Whenever And Wherever You Need It With Vivup

Get Support From Your Employer Whenever And Wherever You Need It With Vivup

12 March 2018

When you need support from your employer - such as if you want to be referred to occupational health, join a smoking cessation course, or get some financial advice and support – it can sometimes be hard to arrange.

You may not want to speak to your line manager about a particular problem, but you might not know who else you can speak to. Many people are also unsure whether their employer can help; do you qualify for any support, does your employer offer the services you need? Even when they do, finding the time to have a chat or arrange a meeting with HR can be difficult, especially if you work shifts or have a heavy workload.

We know from our conversations with people who work in the NHS that often the only time they have to find health & wellbeing support is at the end of their working day, or when they get home. That often means leaving a message for the relevant person, and then hoping to find a convenient time to meet or speak on the phone.

Many people find that even if their employer has fantastic health and wellbeing support in place, it’s difficult to access when they need it.

How Vivup Works

That’s where Vivup comes in! If your employer is registered with Vivup you can find all their health & wellbeing schemes and incentives in one place. This means that you can explore the range of support in your own time, identify what you need, and take the next step straightaway. So if you’re having a sleepless night because you’re worried about your health, or if you wake up feeling inspired to make a healthy lifestyle change, you can get started immediately!

The first step, if you haven’t previously logged in, is to check that your employer has registered with Vivup. Go to our login page here and search for your employer’s name in the top field of the online form.

If you can’t find them, click here and scroll down to ‘Register interest’ where you can leave your details and your employer’s so we can contact them – you might want to speak to the HR team first.

For people who’s organisations are registered, complete the registration form and you’ll be able to log in to Vivup whenever you like.

Finding Health & Wellbeing Support

Once logged in you can start exploring your employer’s unique Vivup portal. We have helpfully divided different schemes and resources into the following categories so it’s really easy to find the help you want:

  1. Physical Health & Wellbeing
  2. Financial Health & Wellbeing
  3. Mental Health & Wellbeing

Under each category you will find a range of different support from schemes and incentives, such as Cycle to Work schemes and gym membership; guides and 3rd party support; as well as access to courses and one-to-one sessions.

Your employer is able to customise your Vivup portal so you only see the schemes and incentives they offer and you can then apply if you’re interested. The Vivup portal is online, accessible from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and available 24/7. Because it’s separate from your employer’s intranet system, you can login on your own device, wherever and whenever you want.

Get Started Today!

We recommend that you login when you have a spare minute so you can explore what health & wellbeing support your employer offers – you may find something you hadn’t expected! Keep checking back too as many organisations run schemes at different times of year.

Once again, click here to check whether your organisation is registered with Vivup and sign up for your account today.

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