International Nurses Day - Ideas For Celebrating With Your Colleagues

International Nurses Day - Ideas For Celebrating With Your Colleagues

09 May 2018

There are national and international days of the year for all sorts of events, causes and things. But no day is more deserving than International Nurses Day; celebrated on 12th May (Florence Nightingale’s birthday).

Many hospitals around the country are hosting special events on Nurses Day. Some will be taking the opportunity to highlight patient stories and the positive impact nurses have on patient outcomes. Others will be using the day to say thank you to their nursing staff and celebrate the achievements of individual nurses and teams as a whole. And some people (nurses included) have plans to use International Nurses Day to raise awareness about the work of healthcare charities and fund raise on their behalf.

The Royal College of Nurses is showcasing all the amazing things our nursing staff do, using the hashtag #ThisNurse on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Profiling nurses around the country, you can’t help but be inspired by the people who contribute so much to our communities and the NHS. The RCN also have resources available to download so you can raise awareness about the day, as well as advice for promoting your event.

5 Ways To Say Celebrate International Nurses Day

Whatever you’re doing we hope you have a fantastic day. If you want to some ideas of how to celebrate read on…

1. Use the #ThisNurse hashtag

If there is someone on your team who you think deserves a special mention, why not use the #ThisNurse hashtag to tell everyone about the work they do? For maximum impact don’t forget to tag them into your post, and the Trust or hospital they work at. That way you can make sure everyone knows how much they are valued and encourage more people to share your post with their colleagues.

2. Eat cake!

Celebrations need cake! Many teams are using International Nurses Day to host a bake sale and raise money at the same time. It’s also a great way to engage with patients and visitors; drawing attention to the work the nursing team does, by enticing them with cake and treats!

3. Share stories

International Nurses Day is about raising awareness and a really good way to do that is to share stories. Talk to each other about your experience as a nurse. It’s a great way to inspire junior staff and also create a supportive environment where stories are shared, help offered and achievements recognised. Also talk to patients, visitors and other people in your hospital about the impact nurses have had on them. If possible make a record of these stories or case studies; they can be useful to reflect on later and share with other people within the Trust.

4. Give awards

Recognition in the form of an award goes a long way. You don’t need to have a fancy awards evening, trophies and celebrities to take selfies with (although that would be great); you can recognise and celebrate each other’s achievements in a much simpler fashion. Why not create awards that reflect your colleagues’ unique qualities and abilities, put them to the vote within your team or even ask for a patient vote, and host your awards ceremony at work? 

5. Say thank you

Perhaps the most significant thing you can do on International Nurses Day (and everyday of the year) is to remember to say thank you. Just two small words acknowledging what a difference nurses make, goes a very long way. Don’t forget to thank each other as well. Showing gratitude has a positive impact on everyone within a team, helping with staff morale, stress and other issues.

Here at Vivup we would like to say a big thank you to all the nurses at the Trusts and healthcare providers we work with; and all the nurses who have nursed us or our friends and family over the years. You are all amazing; we hope you enjoy the celebrations whatever you are doing.

Further details about International Nurses Day can be found here.

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